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Free Dream Numbers Generator Lotto 5/49
Convert dreams or events into Lotto 5/49 numbers.
How to use dream numbers : Maybe you dream of something last night... Maybe you have seen something usual happening. Convert your dreams or events happening around you into Lotto 5/49 Number.

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Whether you are a professional, an Internet enthusiast, a lottery devotee, an online lotto fan, a casual player, a businessman, someone who is in love or anyone who believes in fortunate numbers, you may generate as many personal lucky numbers as you like. There are no limits and this is a totally free service using dream number generator by entering your dream or events to instantly find your favorable picks. There are no limits, and the service is free you can visit us every day or every minute and generate your numbers for lottery, dating, trading and virtually anything you like. Or you can just visit us for fun; we do not mind. We only ask to keep us in mind when you win big or find success due to results from your support will be appreciated and tips are always welcome!

Recent Public Dream

Date Dream or Event Number
 19 Nov 201717 29 37 38 4-11-23-32-40
 19 Nov 2017spider web 30-32-36-47-48
 19 Nov 2017i dreamt a ladie driving my brother car and driving on top of my nephew 8-26-30-41-49
 19 Nov 2017working with whiteman on computers 10-11-19-36-39
 19 Nov 2017whiteman angry 14-30-38-41-44
 19 Nov 2017left behind by train while bathing 10-14-25-27-49
 19 Nov 2017bathing 18-25-35-39-43
 19 Nov 2017543 17-20-26-27-35
 19 Nov 2017dreamt of an old man giving me R10 10-21-31-47-49
 19 Nov 2017Lobhuti Ufana nomakhelwane owa shona 15-28-29-32-33
 19 Nov 2017police men illegally bust into my place and put a tracker inside my car engine then i saw it and took it away 8-11-13-37-44
 19 Nov 2017I dreamed driving a motor bike and i crossed a river then i saw children coming back from fishing having small and big fish in their arms 26-30-38-41-47
 19 Nov 2017Wht does t mean to dream having seen someone in dreams having catched fish 14-32-34-40-47
 19 Nov 2017What does t mean dreaming someone holding fish 2-12-19-35-38
 19 Nov 2017Driving a motor bike 5-6-25-38-40
 19 Nov 2017Motor bike 6-9-23-29-45
 19 Nov 2017holding a knife 6-18-22-24-46
 19 Nov 2017hiding from the criminals 7-8-12-28-32
 19 Nov 2017A river 13-14-16-18-34
 19 Nov 2017A dead person 3-21-26-33-46
 19 Nov 2017I Saw Old Woman Entering My Room 20-23-27-29-44
 19 Nov 2017I dreamed someone moving her furniture using a truck 12-13-18-29-47
 19 Nov 2017I dream having driving a motor bike speeding 6-15-18-19-32
 19 Nov 2017I dreamed attending funeral 7-19-43-45-49
 19 Nov 2017old woman 17-31-40-42-45
 19 Nov 2017I dream stealing money it was in a envelope it was 1300 rand notes 5-32-38-39-49
 19 Nov 2017I was in a strange land and I find a group of men who don t have and asking me for money and told them a business plan how to change fresh milk to can 2-12-13-17-27
 19 Nov 2017I was in a strange land and I find a group of men who don t have and asking me for money and told them a business plan how to change fresh milk to can 2-12-13-17-27
 19 Nov 2017planting vegetables 9-12-14-25-36
 19 Nov 2017mopane worms 3-14-16-28-37
 19 Nov 2017caterpillar 19-25-28-30-44
 19 Nov 2017I was at second floor of a storey building when a lady friend slaughtered a chicken and used the blood to passed on top of her head around and gave it 4-7-12-29-48
 19 Nov 2017Phuphe inkomo ezihi two 1-2-9-16-47
 19 Nov 2017Phuphe u esa elima ngenkomo emunyama ibisemuva eyinye ebomvu ibiphambili 14-15-35-42-45
 19 Nov 2017Ngphuphe ngihamba nomyeni wami sibe sihlangana losbali wami ngimbulisa ngimnikezi hug abe bengigqoke kahle kodwa bengingagqokanga ipent 10-11-20-35-49
 19 Nov 2017Phuphe ngimbukunta 18-28-30-46-49
 19 Nov 2017Phuphe amaphele ephuma empahleni zami 4-11-12-17-45
 19 Nov 2017Phuphe amaphele ephuma ephahleni zami emanengi 8-20-24-29-30
 19 Nov 2017Phuphe inkomo ebezilima ezinkulu bathi ngamabhanti eyi one phambili eyinye emuva 19-30-33-44-48
 19 Nov 2017My girlfriend 17-18-28-31-38
 19 Nov 2017Talking 17-18-24-25-48
 19 Nov 2017dream i was walking naked 9-10-27-36-49
 19 Nov 2017Going back to school with friends in gymnastic artd 16-17-18-26-41
 19 Nov 2017I dreamt playing the casino of suddenly other player fromother machine won and the placebecame dark in all over 2-6-7-13-35
 19 Nov 2017I took the money from the hole with dirty water 1-3-16-28-39
 19 Nov 2017Visit 6-26-27-32-43
 19 Nov 2017dreamt about my late grand mum asking meto give her R2 silver money 1-6-20-22-41
 19 Nov 20173man 2woman siyahleka 5-35-40-43-46
 19 Nov 2017beautiful woman 5-17-31-39-46
 19 Nov 2017coloured woman 4-15-37-38-45
 19 Nov 201717 1-3-15-18-26
 18 Nov 2017River 14-28-35-39-47
 18 Nov 2017Horses 6-24-34-42-43
 18 Nov 2017I dream of my son playing in car with dirty shoe 2-27-29-33-39
 18 Nov 2017buat saudara yang punya permasalahan ekonomi yang ingin di bantu melalui jln pesugihan uang gaib togel jitu silahkan hub nyai ronggeng di 085286344499 2-12-28-34-38
 18 Nov 2017Money 15-21-37-39-46
 18 Nov 2017Win lotto 15-17-19-37-47
 18 Nov 2017My will is to win lotto 5-30-39-40-42
 18 Nov 2017Your will 10-25-30-36-44
 18 Nov 2017Let your will be done my lord 9-28-35-43-45
 18 Nov 2017My husband gave me money 3-16-25-31-33
 18 Nov 2017Went to see my mother yesterday 5-18-24-28-34
 18 Nov 2017Man dry dreads lock 3-7-37-40-46
 18 Nov 2017A man was telling to put hair food on my dread lock coz is wet 2-8-10-19-25
 18 Nov 2017Dream about a man telling me about my dreadlock is dry he had one two 20-23-30-38-46
 18 Nov 2017Dream about casino had only R100 and R30 on the card which was broken no one could help 14-35-36-41-43
 18 Nov 2017uk49 lunchtime 18 11 2017 12-28-33-34-42
 18 Nov 2017 8 11 17 25 32 34 49 1-3-6-17-25
 18 Nov 201710 20 26 32 45 49 41 8-22-24-46-48
 18 Nov 20175 12 30 39 48 49 41 21-26-29-34-39
 18 Nov 20176 11 16 27 34 38 33 23-27-28-30-47
 18 Nov 201727 34 37 38 6-9-16-18-34
 18 Nov 2017my left finger bleeding 20-23-33-43-47
 18 Nov 2017my nighbour was watering the garden after wards she came with the pipe and there was was water on the floor so l told her to mop then l went to the ho 6-12-15-33-42
 18 Nov 2017my nighbour was watering the garden after wards she came with the pipe and there was was water on the floor so l told her to mop then l went to the ho 6-12-15-33-42
 18 Nov 2017Ngiphuphe imenenja yami inginika u100 rand 31-37-41-43-49
 18 Nov 2017train climbing a mountain 5-15-18-32-38
 18 Nov 2017dead woman 5-11-34-48-49
 18 Nov 2017dead woman 5-11-34-48-49
 18 Nov 2017my late mom asked m m phone number n xe gave me money 22-30-31-33-49
 18 Nov 2017Umbrella 28-29-32-44-45
 18 Nov 2017my mom was dead and beautiful 12-15-37-45-46
 18 Nov 2017A lot of beer 1-10-13-22-40
 18 Nov 201718 November 2017 1-23-32-46-48
 18 Nov 2017Coal 9-20-30-40-47
 18 Nov 2017New born baby boy 7-17-34-37-40
 18 Nov 2017Child 6-9-19-39-41
 18 Nov 2017Baby 22-27-38-46-49
 18 Nov 2017tried to move the company i know and promised to enter but declined 1-11-12-21-40
 18 Nov 2017 cant goback to home because mistake the way when i have be confusing my wife and doughtercome 4-9-35-38-39
 18 Nov 2017 mistakethe way and ask to somebody boy 10-21-35-36-40
 18 Nov 2017had hard way to see crowded race 1-29-35-40-48
 18 Nov 2017i bring the keyboard and pan by bike 7-17-33-37-48
 18 Nov 2017we are iam mywife and mydoughter vacation in Bali 1-17-23-36-48
 18 Nov 2017buying food in 5 he dream 5-6-18-26-41
 18 Nov 2017pastor waking on bear foot in the rain in my dream 3-32-33-43-47
 18 Nov 201711december1979 3-4-18-20-23
 18 Nov 20172december2009 14-30-42-43-45
 18 Nov 20179november2012 15-20-23-42-44
 18 Nov 20175 march 1975 2-11-28-34-38
 18 Nov 201718 October 1981 5-6-12-28-37

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