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Free Dream Numbers Generator Lotto 6/45
Convert dreams or events into Lotto 6/45 numbers.
How to use dream numbers : Maybe you dream of something last night... Maybe you have seen something usual happening. Convert your dreams or events happening around you into Lotto 6/45 Number.

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Dream Number Generator
Whether you are a professional, an Internet enthusiast, a lottery devotee, an online lotto fan, a casual player, a businessman, someone who is in love or anyone who believes in fortunate numbers, you may generate as many personal lucky numbers as you like. There are no limits and this is a totally free service using dream number generator by entering your dream or events to instantly find your favorable picks. There are no limits, and the service is free you can visit us every day or every minute and generate your numbers for lottery, dating, trading and virtually anything you like. Or you can just visit us for fun; we do not mind. We only ask to keep us in mind when you win big or find success due to results from your support will be appreciated and tips are always welcome!

Recent Public Dream

Date Dream or Event Number
 24 Sep 2017marilu my first love 11-15-29-38-40-41
 24 Sep 2017fight 16-31-33-35-36-44
 24 Sep 2017Magic stick 1-13-31-34-39-43
 24 Sep 2017witch 10-20-26-30-44-45
 24 Sep 2017Dream number 1-9-18-32-37-42
 24 Sep 2017Number 21-22-26-27-31-36
 24 Sep 2017Number series 11-12-17-20-23-38
 23 Sep 2017apple 9-17-21-24-32-40
 23 Sep 2017dreamed when we were in the staff minibus with my workmates but was counting the driver s money which was R250 in notes 4-13-16-19-30-35
 23 Sep 2017dreamed about my late mother in law whom I never saw when she was alive dreamed seeing her in the house and she hugged her daughter which is my wife a 1-3-11-19-24-32
 23 Sep 20171241 1-3-8-16-27-42
 23 Sep 2017witches having a meeting on my roof i saw them and tell them to come down call people to come and see them 12-27-29-31-36-39
 23 Sep 2017struggles of early adult life 4-10-11-17-18-31
 23 Sep 2017a woman in a coffin in graveyard 2-7-8-9-13-43
 22 Sep 2017I had three soft drinks in the freezer for drinking after the meeting unfortunately my favourite frooze and the guys insisted I don t drink theirs rat 3-8-21-23-25-40
 22 Sep 2017I dreamed two buses and the one who drives the other one gave me paper money 1-13-18-20-34-39
 22 Sep 2017lucky number 11 lucky color white 2-24-28-34-39-43
 22 Sep 2017I was using a dirty blair toilet 7-12-21-25-34-35
 21 Sep 201704 12 16 19 28 35 10-17-22-33-36-41
 21 Sep 2017money 3-6-13-24-36-38
 21 Sep 2017dreamed about being bitten by a snake on my left leg and I used a string to tie my leg just under the knee 6-12-20-21-32-36
 20 Sep 201730 6-8-10-33-41-45
 20 Sep 2017Naked female 5-9-25-28-35-44
 20 Sep 2017Female vigina 7-9-21-35-42-45
 20 Sep 2017gold mining friend interview 1-12-13-19-26-44
 20 Sep 2017I dreamed about young lady driving a big truck 9-10-11-17-35-44
 20 Sep 2017I dreamed about young lady driving a big truck 9-10-11-17-35-44
 19 Sep 2017kenduri 9-15-17-19-20-29
 19 Sep 2017i dreamt that my cousin passed on in a car accident leaving baby twins with my mother to look after them 5-22-27-36-42-44
 19 Sep 2017big vehicle in river 4-8-27-28-36-45
 19 Sep 2017My girl friend woke up late to be on time at the airport 3-8-9-27-32-43
 18 Sep 2017SEPTEMBER 18 2017 FLIGHT 1029 11 45 9 18 4-20-23-24-30-44
 18 Sep 2017dreamed having a R200 notes and some R50 notes in my wallet and my workmates asked me to give him R200 but I refused then only gave him one R50 note 6-13-21-24-27-34
 18 Sep 2017Porsche car 9-15-21-38-39-42
 18 Sep 2017picture taking 1-2-10-20-34-36
 18 Sep 2017outing with my batch 7-16-19-22-23-30
 17 Sep 2017a young man sign a piece of paper as an agreement and has best hand right 9-23-24-30-38-44
 17 Sep 2017I was driving a car that was low on petrol 21-29-33-41-43-45
 17 Sep 2017ghost four coffin 1-8-12-24-36-38
 17 Sep 2017ghost four coffin 1-8-12-24-36-38
 17 Sep 2017ular 1-3-22-33-38-45
 17 Sep 2017kenduri 9-15-17-19-20-29
 17 Sep 2017bus 8-24-25-40-41-45
 17 Sep 2017Buy clother daugther 6-20-25-28-30-36
 17 Sep 2017Daugther clothes 9-10-17-20-27-31
 17 Sep 2017Buy clothe daugther 31-32-39-40-43-44
 17 Sep 2017giant mudfish in a pond 2-12-13-15-29-38
 17 Sep 2017right eye twerking 11-16-20-23-24-45
 16 Sep 2017I dreamt playing with a white girl and I had to give truck guys a book 1 of them wanted to sleep with me and the were toilet full of sheet in my dream 15-16-20-21-30-33
 16 Sep 2017100709298 4-6-10-13-28-41
 16 Sep 201750354649 5-13-17-32-35-42
 16 Sep 2017Fixing washen line 11-26-31-32-35-43
 16 Sep 2017Beating up my boyfriend and his other girlfriend went to the shop to buy coke and the cashier was busy gossiping with me 4-13-19-21-33-39
 16 Sep 2017Mimpi mengisap rokok 17-21-31-40-43-44
 16 Sep 2017Dreaming of somoking 1-4-22-33-34-45
 15 Sep 2017A voice shouted my name I have went to check who called me but they disappeared 11-18-22-35-39-40
 15 Sep 2017dreamed when I was with my late mother and we were seeing a river that was flooding with water and we also saw some people standing under the tunnel o 17-23-25-32-39-41
 15 Sep 2017a girl smiling in the rain 12-15-34-42-43-44
 15 Sep 2017rain 7-26-35-37-38-45
 15 Sep 2017Found key 5-12-27-37-40-45
 15 Sep 2017A voice shouted my name I have went to check who called me but they disappeared 11-18-22-35-39-40
 15 Sep 2017I wake up at night 3-14-21-31-36-41
 15 Sep 2017lucky number 13 lucky color peach 4-20-32-36-40-41
 14 Sep 2017dreamed about my late cousin brother 4-12-19-22-31-39
 14 Sep 2017Tomorrow sa powerball numbers prediction 6-21-27-29-35-44
 14 Sep 2017my sister bought a black high heel shoes for US 25 6-15-19-34-41-44
 14 Sep 2017a check in my bag value US 2 500 3-32-34-37-41-44
 14 Sep 2017nathan 13-15-19-25-37-38
 14 Sep 2017jump small river 9-14-29-32-39-44
 14 Sep 2017small river 2-8-9-20-30-40
 14 Sep 2017jump river 6-11-18-37-38-45
 14 Sep 2017Chase by leopard 1-3-23-28-38-45
 13 Sep 2017New home 2-4-18-20-28-36
 13 Sep 2017baby girl 4-10-19-22-24-41
 13 Sep 2017i dream that one cockroach was fighting with me and two people appear to me and kill the cockroach with blade 7-8-10-20-28-39
 13 Sep 2017my neighbor was fitting her wedding dress and practising for her wedding 1-7-16-18-25-43
 13 Sep 2017I dreamt me and my family moving to a new place 6-18-22-32-38-41
 13 Sep 2017three women 3-6-27-29-34-43
 13 Sep 2017Give money to jurnalist 11-16-22-30-33-41
 13 Sep 2017Porstitute compleks 16-21-31-33-42-45
 13 Sep 2017Jurnalist 3-5-15-23-30-33
 13 Sep 2017Celurit 7-15-17-20-21-35
 13 Sep 2017Buy axe 4-10-15-19-33-40
 13 Sep 2017dad 10-11-16-35-37-45
 13 Sep 20173000 10-11-15-25-32-39
 12 Sep 2017buying buttons and trouser 8-9-21-28-36-44
 12 Sep 2017I was caving in a dry farm of my boss and made a bar line with pile sand 4-15-20-23-31-35
 12 Sep 2017the two men apply for job to my boss who is inside of the house and none can see him 4-5-17-20-28-41
 12 Sep 2017I set at way of the suddenly appear 2 Indians holding an evenlopn sign 3-12-23-26-37-44
 12 Sep 2017asking a bus driver and his bus porter about my baggage a paggain woman answer me instead 3-9-13-23-27-28
 12 Sep 2017I cry over and weep about the great lose of my properties in that bus 24-25-27-29-32-40
 12 Sep 2017I missed a bus transport and I forget my baggage in it 18-25-36-38-40-43
 12 Sep 2017trouser 4-20-21-23-39-43
 12 Sep 2017buttons 10-24-32-33-34-38
 12 Sep 2017silver money 10-11-21-32-38-45
 12 Sep 2017I saw a lots of shoes 1-18-20-34-36-38
 12 Sep 2017I saw a lot of shoes 15-23-32-35-36-40
 12 Sep 2017I dreamt unnecessarilyintterogating my friends brother in law who answered his phone 2-12-19-34-35-38
 12 Sep 2017lots of shoes 1-3-17-26-39-44
 12 Sep 2017My heart is broken 11-17-18-32-34-42
 11 Sep 2017dreamed about one of my old man reletive dying and I saw my late grandmother there in the same place 6-7-10-16-17-25

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